Welcome to Dig Straight Down :)


Please read the rules here http://digstraightdown.com/home/rules

Getting started:

It is recommended that you do a bit of exploring before choosing a build site. You can explore by using the dynmap http://digstraightdown.com/map or by using spectator mode. Spectator mode allows you to fly and teleport. To enter spectator mode, do /spawn and then look for the blue and white portal made of carpet.
The map is 4 years old, but it has been expanded occasionally and there are still tons of resources and places to build. You can build anywhere you like for the most part, so long as it doesn't interfere with other peoples' builds. If you are not sure if it is OK to build somewhere, just ask.  Please don't build within 200 blocks of spawn without permission.
There are free items in the freebox room at spawn. These items are created by players, they are not created by the server or command. When you get established, think about donating some stuff back to the free boxes :)
There are portals in the /spawn area to help people get around. When you get close to a portal, text will appear and tell you where it goes to. Experiment with these :) 
Important Commands:
/help        tells you what commands you can use
/spawn     to teleport to the main spawn area at 0,0
/sethome  to set a home you can teleport back to
/home      teleports you home after you have used /sethome
/motd       displays the message of the day
We use lockette to lock our chests. All you have to do is place a sign on a chest you wish to lock. More information is available here for those that wish to learn more. Lockette
Our main webpage is http://digstraightdown.com Check here for important news and updates. Also our forum is linked in the main bar. There is a FAQ there also, http://digstraightdown.com/faq which is a work in progress :)
We have a live server map here  http://digstraightdown.com/map
An introductory video is available here http://digstraightdown.com/tutorials/2014-02-14-08-38-30 It is about 30 minutes long and may answer question you may have. This video includes detailed instructions on how to build nether portals and how to save items in the lab.
Many of us on DSD prefer to use voice chat rather than typing. For anyone that would like to chat with us here on our Discord channel https://discord.gg/GBfuZAh 
It is highly recommended to communicate with people! Ask as many questions as you like, talk to people, start conversations! It is called multi-player for a reason :) The people here are generally friendly if you introduce yourself and are polite :) Get to know your neighbors! Sometimes you will get a response to your questions and sometimes not. Everyone is different and you just have to keep trying.
DSD is entirely funded by players who have joined us and want to support what we do. Donating is not a requirement for playing here and donating will not buy anything which gives you an advantage over a player who is not able to donate. If you decide you wish to support us, please type /donate in game and choose a package. This will bring up a webpage with further instructions. Alternately you can click the link at the top of the website "Shut up and take my money!" to get to the same website. If you have any questions or problems with donations, please contact Cronie.
Again, Welcome to DSD and have a good time :)
Cronie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.