Most of you should be aware of the dynmap for the server. This is a map of the server updated in real time. You can see it by clicking on the "Map" button at the top of the page or clicking this link:


We are now testing a feature which allows members to add little icons on the map to mark important locations. When you mouse over the icon, a small descriptive title will be visible

Spawn mouseover icon



As an example, I want to make a marker at the Bank Stromash built. So I use the

/dmarker add command

The 2 main pieces of information you need to enter for this are the description (name) and the icon that will display on the map.

I want to call it something simple, like "Bank: Stromash" and dynmap just happens to have an icon called bank, so i will use that.

So I type /dmarker add "Bank: Stromash" icon:bank  Please note the format! The title has to have quotes around it and the icon needs to start with icon:

Dmarker Add Bank

Now I refresh my browser where I had the map loaded and I see


If I made a mistake, like spelling something wrong or put it in the wrong area, I would just type:

/dmarker delete "Bank: Stromash"

You don't need to enter the icon name to delete, but the rest needs to be exact, case-sensitive and with quotes. Once it is deleted you can re-enter it with the right info. Obviously, you should treat other peoples' icons like their builds and not mess with them. Problems should be reported to mods.


As you may have noticed, the available icons are listed next to the menu item for this tutorial, but if you didn't see it, click this link

You can also type /dmarker icons in game, but this is less useful since it doesn't show the icons, just the names of the icons.

**If you do not enter an icon, it will be set to default (which is a little house)



IMPORTANT: Naming Rules

In order to keep this semi-organized, please give your marker a simple descriptive name then a colon ":" then the name of the builder. Use "Unknown" if you don't know who built it. 


Palace: Jokomoms

Home: Zorrothefox

Volcano: Coconut_Donut

Please use proper capitalization and spelling or the marker will be removed without notice. Especially long names will also be removed. Please keep it simple.


So here are the steps you need to do to add a marker:

1. Go to the place you want to mark

2. Decide on a name and icon. If it is for a home, you can skip the icon.

3. Type /dmarker add "name" icon:icon-name   (Don't forget the quotes and icon name :)

4. Refresh your internet browser and check that the icon showed up correctly. If it didn't show up correctly, do /dmarker delete "name" and start over.


Note: For most buildings, but especially tall ones, you will get better results if you are standing in the center of the bottom of the structure!


A more detailed tutorial is available from dynmap 

Keep in mind that you only have the ability to use /dmarker add/delete This is to keep things as simple as possible while we see how people like the feature.

Also, these permissions are not available in spectator mode. This is because players who are not yet members can join spectator mode and could potentially grief the markers.


Questions should go to Cronie, but any question that is answered in this tutorial will be ignored for a few days :)