Rules for building in the Nether Project (These rules only apply if you are building between the slabs at y=64 to y=69 ... the rest of the nether is fair game)

1) Between y=64 and y=69 (aka 'the slabs') only portals, signs and rails in the correct formats are allowed. Anything else may be removed by moderators without warning.

2) Rails can only start from one of rail hubs at the North, South, East and West of Spawn.

3) Rails are to only be built on stone slabs at y=66.5 (67 on the top surface), as set by the rail hubs.

4) If you need to cross the path of another railway between the slabs, go under it, not over.

5) Do not build a rail line to a destination under 120 blocks (X and Z) from Spawn.

6) Rail lines may continue above and below the slabs past 120 blocks from spawn. Keep slab holes to a minimum and make them safe for pedestrians.

7) Rails are to be powered by a redstone torch on a netherbrick block placed at y=68. The redstone torch is placed on the rail side, normal torches on all other sides.

8) The 2-block high rail stops on the platform can be changed to any block type you prefer.

9) Signs may only be placed, and are required, on rail stops, portals and at the entrance(s) to Nether-specific destinations.

10) All signs will list the name of the destination, owner, and X and Z coordinates, in that order (portal signs should show both Nether and Overworld coordinates).

The //wand command will give you a tool to check the coordinates for blocks. Questions on any of this go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.