Join DSD!

Dig Straight Down is a Minecraft server for adult players and run by adult admins. We love kids - many of our players are parents or grandparents - but this is a place to get a break from them :) If a more relaxed style of play interests you, go ahead and fill out an application.

If you would just like to take a look around the server, you can login to our server at . Non-members can't build, but you are welcome to chat and take a look at builds until we get back to your email.

We hope to see you soon!

Unacceptable names may be refused, see rules
If you have not logged in for 4 (four) calendar months or more your player inventory, sethomes and the ability to build will be removed. Buildings and items in chests are not removed. Old players are always welcome to rejoin, but the item loss is permanent and will not be restored.
If you are going to be away for more than four months, you should put your player inventory in a locked chest and write down the coordinates of your house (on paper in real life) so you can find your way back if you reapply.
A valid email is required so that we may contact you with a confirmation email. If we need to contact you regarding an issue in the future, it is recommended that you do not use a disposable email or an email you don't check regularly. Emails are not sold, given away or distributed in any way other than for communications about DSD. We do not send out spam, ads or anything annoying like that.

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