1. No griefing, No stealing, No cheat mods or cheating (cheating is defined as using the game in an unintended way for personal or group gain. "Gain" can mean acquiring items, blocks, bragging rights, getting around the afk timer .... ANY benefit to you or your friends.) An item like a bud-switch is NOT cheating since the developers are aware of it and have chosen to leave the faulty code in the game. Not sure? Ask Cronie

2. No racist, bigoted or homophobic language. It doesn't matter if it was meant as a joke.

3. Name guidelines: No names with any references to race, religion, ethnicity, puerile sex puns, scatological jokes, political parties, drug/alcohol references, brand names (such as products or sports team franchises,) or names designed to be offensive or provocative in any other way, even if is meant to be humorous. Examples of unacceptable names: MCJe$us, 69Dave69, Nice_Jugs, Yankeesnumberonefan, xXCannabis420Xx, etc. Exceptions may be made, but these are rare. If your real name is Leviticus or Buddha, I am probably gonna need some proof.

4. Promoting other servers or encouraging players to join other servers is strictly prohibited. I know it is a fine line between discussing and promoting, but you are all adults and can figure it out.

5. Use of macros/programs/special keyboards or mice which perform any function without your direct action are prohibited. In other words, you need to be at the keyboard to play the game and you are not allowed to go around the anti-afk plugins. This falls squarely under the no-cheating rule.

6. No pop culture or religious builds. (This means churches, crosses, big statues of mario bros. or zelda, Star Trek/Wars etc.) Exceptions are made in certain instances, but you must ask before you build, not after. One of the reasons for this is because we want to encourage people to be original, not just to copy things that have already been done :)

7. Spawn Building Rules. Anything within 200 blocks of spawn must be pre-approved by Cronie. This may include having the player make a prototype in the lab. There are no specific rules for this, but the goal is to keep the spawn looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

8. Login requirement: Players must log in at least once every 4 (four) months to keep their build status, sethomes and inventory. Buildings, blocks and other placed items are not affected by this. If you feel you might not play for a while, write down the coordinates of your home (in real life) so you can find your way back and place your inventory items in a locked chest at your base.  To repeat, if you don't log in at least every 4 months, you will lose your player inventory items, sethomes and the ability to build. (This requirement replaces the old roll-call system) And as an important side note: Logblock tracks up to 1 year of data. So if you are gone longer than one year and someone griefs your house, I have no way to restore it and you are on your own. Log in early, log in often!

9. Players are allowed to have 25 TOTAL entities. This means cows, chickens, villagers, cats, wolves, or any other mob type. This is to reduce the amount of lag. If you need a large amount of an item from a mob (like leather for instance) you can breed a large number of them as long as you kill them off before you log out for the day.

10. Special building rules apply on the slabs in the nether. If you are going to make a portal or railway on the slabs, read this first: http://digstraightdown.com/netherrules Please note that these building rules DO NOT apply to the rest of the nether, meaning above or bleow the nether project.

11. DSD content capture policy i.e. videos (Effective June 20, 2014)  Video capture is allowed on DSD (such as "Let's Play" videos, introductions or tutorials,) with the following caveats.

a. Monetization is strictly prohibited! This means you are not allowed to make money from any video content, screenshots or any other media taken from Dig Straight Down. If you get money or compensation from a website, youtube channel or any other outlet for posting content, don't post content from our server. Violators will be banned. (Content posted before June 20, 2014 will be exempt from this and "grandfathered.")
b. Voice Capture from ventrilo as an addition to videos is allowed, but only after you notify the players in the chat channel. In other words, don't start recording until the people in the channel have had a chance to decide whether they want to be in your video. If the people don't want to be in your video, just change to a different vent channel. This is just common courtesy.

 12. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP APPRISED OF ALL RULE CHANGES. IGNORANCE IS NOT A VALID DEFENSE.  If a rule is clearly posted here or elsewhere on this website, it is YOUR responsibility to read it and double-check every month or so to make sure the rules have not changed. Furthermore, I am not going to split hairs over tiny details. If you are doing something that seems like it might be against a rule, it is on you to ask Cronie if it is allowed. Asking Cronie afterwords will be pointless.

13. In the event of outdated or contradictory information, it your responsibility to ask Cronie ahead of time to clarify the rule. For instance, if there is a discrepancy between the in game /rules or /info and the website rules or information. (The server is 10 years old, there's a lot of old info out there.) 

14. Forum Posts not made by Cronie are not guaranteed to be accurate. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.


Questions about any of this? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.