Artworld is a blank slate for creating maps to be used as paintings. It is a creative world that shares inventory with the lab. It is made of a checkerboard of black and white squares that are the exact size of one map, 128x128. No measuring is required.

Changes from the old artworld: Bringing your own materials is no longer required. Full use of creative mode (except bedrock and barrier blocks)

Differences from the lab: Worldedit does not function, except for the measuring tool  (//wand)

Differences from the overworld: The overworld rule against pop-art builds will not apply to artworld. So if you want to make pokemons, transformers, star wars people or whatever else you like, go ahead. The other aspects of rule 6 still apply: nothing religious, so no christian crosses, stars of david, crescent moons or anything of that nature. Sorry, but we just don't need fights over that stuff. And obviously it goes without saying that all maps must be within the normal DSD bounds of taste. (i.e. no porn, no racism, etc.)

Ordinary rules still apply for grief, you can and will be banned for destroying/defacing/editing other peoples' art without their permission.

IMPORTANT: As the map becomes full, older builds may be removed at Cronie's discretion. Nothing in Artworld is guaranteed to be permanent so save your maps.


How to use Artworld:


Step 1. Go to artworld. (Type /spawn, look northeast, press button in the artworld portal)

Step 2. Find an unoccupied square and make an art. Do not build in the center square.

Step 3. Use a map anywhere in the square. (get an empty map, select it on your toolbar and right click)

Step 4. Open your inventory and mouse-over the map. Look for the map number, as shown in the image. Write down the number for future reference.



Step 5. Fill out this form http://digstraightdown.com/maprequest and read all messages. (if you don't get a response within 24 hours, email cronie)

Step 6. You are done.


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.