Artworld is a blank slate for creating maps to be used as paintings. The inventory is shared with the overworld, which means you can bring maps back and they will work. This also means that you must bring in all your materials with you (this is not a creative world.)

While it is not creative, mobs, animals and weather are turned off and it should be day all the time. Ordinary rules still apply for grief, theft, abusive language, racist stuff and so on. The prohibition against pop-art builds will not apply to artworld. So if you want to make pokemons, transformers star wars people or whatever else you kids like, go ahead. The religious part of rule 5 still applies though, so no christian crosses, stars of david, crescent moons or anything of that nature.

IMPORTANT: The map automatically removes any and all blocks that are older than 30 days. It is up to you to remove your building materials by 30 days or you WILL lose the stuff! For this same reason, do not bother reporting grief or theft after 30 days because that stuff is just gone.


How to use Artworld:


Step 1. Go to artworld. (Type /spawn, look north, press the button on the purpur block to your right.

Step 2. Find an unoccupied area and make an art. You must travel 50 blocks from spawn to build.

Step 2. Use a map in the middle of it to save it. (I suggest making multiple copies in case you lose them, there is no way for me to replace them!)

Step 3. Go back to your home and place it in an item frame on a wall

Step 4. Return to artland without the maps and get your building materials back. If you have the maps with you, you might destroy the artwork.

Step 5. Show your arts to friends to make them jealous.


HELPFUL HINTS: You can use the /fly command in artworld and you can make an extra home! Artworld has a build area that is only 1 block high, so don't try making houses or withers :)